Saturday, February 5, 2011

What to Paint

I have a completely independent project to work on the next while for my painting class. We have a fair amount of time and it is a project of considerable involved work.
At times it can be a challenge figuring out just what to paint as a subject matter. I have been wanting to turn toward landscape and intend to continue this, just not right now. I feel pulled to explore figurative work presently, as I felt very satisfied with the outcome of my first egg tempera figure painting. I am going to worki in a much smaller scale which won't be as overwhelming, using this medium. I have thought about painting my family members. I never taken this on. It's because thoughts of them are painful for me. When you do figurative or portraiture you do think about the people you are rendering and you do make an emotional connection. At least this has been my is my experience. My cousin recently shared a picture of my great uncle and aunt whom I never knew and nor what they looked like. Perhaps I can start with them and work my way along.


Chad Wooters said...

Personally, I find it easier do figurative work of strangers. Images of friends and family are loaded with so much history that it interferes with the ability to work objectively. The emotions associated with loved ones overshadow the needs of the painting. Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Hey Chad,

Thanks so much for posting and following. That's what I think re family members but I think I'm ready to take it on! Thanks for your input I sure do appreciate it. Catherine