Sunday, February 27, 2011

Next Stage - Application of Egg Tempera

I have tried to be mindful of not applying too much raw umber or sienna, because I loose my image in it, and I think it becomes too heavy and a dark and the egg tempera looses it's transparent luminosity. It 's not as easy as one might hope. Anyway I'm almost done this but I am out of eggs all except what little I have mixed up in a jar. I'll have to make this bit count. I think I may add some high lights of white sparsely.

Just a note of interest perhaps. When I was attending NSCAD as a painter, I was advised to stay away from white. My present teacher tells me he was told to stay clear of black. I never have been a big user of white, black on the other hand I never used or owned any Mars black, but mixed plenty of alizarin crimson, raw umber and ultramarine blue to make my black. Perhaps it's best to use both sparsely.

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