Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Short Course On The Religions Of The World...Not For The Religiously Spleeny!

                                                                  Core Philosophies:
                                      Not For Religious Types

Taoism: Shit Happens.

Hare Krishna: Shit Happens Rama Rama Ding Ding.

Hinduism: This Shit Happened Before.

Islam: If Shit Happens, Take A Hostage.

Zen: What Is The Sound Of Shit Happening?

Buddhism: When Shit Happens, Is It Really Shit?

Confucianism: Confucius Say, " Shit Happens."

7th Day Adventist: Shit Happens On Saturdays.

Protestantism: Shit Won't Happen If I Work harder.

Catholicism: If Shit Happens, I Deserve it.

Jehovah's Witness: Knock Knock, "Shit Happens."

Unitarian: What Is This Shit?

Mormon: Shit Happens Again & Again& Again.

Judaism: Why Does This Shit Always Happen To Me?

Rastafarianism: Let's Smoke This Shit.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Oh My Godfrey!

My mother she had a Ukranian church lady friend she sang in the choir with, she always said, " Oh My Godfrey !" She'd exclaim this when she'd get excited about something or just wanted to emphasis what she was saying. I think about my mum especially this time of year at Christmas. My whole human kind  family I  think of really and our world.

Christmas is often a sad and sorrowful time for many but also a miraculous time as well. The little miracles that happen and the big ones as well are present through out the year and seem to be more poignant during the Christmas season if we look close enough. It's a time of gratitude for me and happiness really for the little things, family and friends and the struggles overcome, not through my own strength but from the strength that comes from within, from the Power greater than myself.

The end of the  university Fall term has come and ended. It really seemed insurmountable to me at points but as I struggled to have faith, I managed to get all my work done and I think completed to a standard that I am satisfied with and can be proud of my effort. I had so many miracles happen in the form of friendship and answered prayer, that helped me along the way and I'd never been able to accomplish what I did if it they hadn't have happened.

So, I am finally exhaling and plan to have a very quiet, peaceful Christmas alone but somehow not lonely because I feel the joy and contentment within my heart , and deep gratitude and communion with The Creator and I feel that connectedness with others.

May your lives be filled with blessings of the Creator.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Rope Ladders 6 ' Jute

Cro-Hooked Communication Tube For Two, Polypropylene Twine

Altered Found Object  3'x4x6, Fly tying Feathers, Pine Cones, Plaster, Glue, Wooden Box

Here's my recent sculpture projects. No sculpture classes for me next term, I am taking Open Media which I am really looking forward to, lots of variety and suits my Gemini personality.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Painting Landscape Fall 2010 /Jian Ghomeshi

Well I have finally come to the point in my studies where I can look forward to working on specific independent projects in the coming New Year. I can see landscape painting outside just like the Group of Seven in my near future! Oh to have known Tom Thomson!

I am now heading into my final year at Mount Allison. I have to say that although I am anxious and very excited about the prospect of the day of my graduation, I also know I will miss this wonderful learning experience. I realize more poignantly how beneficial it is to be surrounded by creativity  in such a vital arts community of Sackville, New Brunswick, what Jian Ghomeshi from CBC  Radio "Q",  called,  the cultural mecca of Canada, during his lecture at Convocation Hall on November 19th, 2010, for the Presidential Lecture Series. He was most engaging, riveting, down to earth, humourous and yes, I must say, very handsome and charming. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face.

I was able to get a bird's eye view , sitting directly in the front of him in the middle of the front row. My heart be still. I was a little excited I admit much like a young school girl, all be it only in my mind!

After the lecture he invited everyone to ask questions. I was sure to get up there and ask mine and comment on his collected demeanor during the infamous Billy Bob CBC Radio interview. When I asked what was going on with him, he said he thought Billy Bob had underestimated CBC radio and Canadian's intelligence, and was not doing any regular shtick as he claims in the media on such shows as David Letterman.

That said, I love Jian, CBC radio, popular culture, Canada, being Canadian, landscape painting and being a mature but not grown up, Mount Allison student!

Here is my last painting project for the Fall term; a landscape of my favourite view of Apple River , Nova Scotia. It is acrylic and oil pastel on 12" x 4 '. I have done versions of this view but never one of this size. It was a very satisfying process. 

Next term I intend and look forward to be working in egg tempera medium on masonite.  

I want to clarify, I have not been nor have I ever seen myself as a landscape painter. It was something I never even imagined doing however living in very rural Nova Scotia I have finally embraced and been greatly influenced by the awesome and gentle sacred beauty of where I live and I now have the desire to reflect and share this in my art work.

Apple River

More From The Mount Alison Fine Art Studio - Fall 2010 Painting & For Something Entirely Different.

The series of small paintings I did on panels that originally made up the structure from a previous sculpture I did last year. I decided to do these paintings on the minimalist shapes because the basic forms lent themselves to the work and informed each piece individually and collectively. 

Triqutra & Triskele - The Divine Feminine/Symbols of Love
Eye Of Horus
They are representational images of spiritual concepts within cultures,  and the exploration of "Sacred Geometry." The circles can be also seen as mandelas.

First Nations Medicine Wheel
Metatron's Cube

New Work Fall 2010 - Drawing

I've neglected my blog among other  matters in daily life I confess.

The ongoing challenge of prioritizing goals while attending university full time is a learning experience. Between trying to solve sculptural projects, figuring out the logistics of getting Winter tires, preventing science projects from growing in my kitchen and having an eyeball go wonky on me all at the same time is  great fun, much like  having monkeys fly out your butt!  I'm sure when it's all done I'll laugh and sing gleefully and wish for these day again perhaps?  Mmmm  na a, don't think, but who knows. I am certain though,I will be a better person for it.

So here are some of my art endeavors this past term.

Note: I  have come to the conclusion I may have my moments of maturity but will never be  never be grown up! I refuse!

These drawings are what I call re-invented cosmology. The project was to be an invented cosmology however considering some of these ideas already exist within cultures, they are my personal expression and interpretation of what is called " The Tree Of Life ."

The Sacred Tree
Kabala Tree Of Life

Arabic Acacia Tree

Celtic Tree Of Life

Rowan Tree
Celtic Tree Of Life Knot

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've learned two very vital things about motivation. First paramount lesson, was coming to finally understand, that as much as I sit waiting for motivation, it just doesn't happen. I have to get out there and do whatever it is I am wanting to get motivated to do. That's when the motivation comes.

Second lesson, I think for me is the most important; turning it all over to the Creator in prayer. Asking the Creator to help me. Very simple really, not easy when you are struggling for motivation. Prayer helps me to let it go and the struggle seems to vanish.

Being gentle with myself, taking care of my health, avoiding negative self-talk; these are all just as important in knowing and understanding my strength and weakness. Acceptance of these and understanding what I can and cannot change. It's all about balance.

Guess I've had enough coffee....Namaste


Monday, August 9, 2010

Recent Art

Well Summer is quickly flying by and school will soon be starting back again. Three more terms left for me and I am expecting to graduate in 2012. Don't expect an invite you are all very welcome. I am inviting the world!

I have been using my oil pastels for these landscape paintings on masonite of some local spots and have sold a number of them so I have more to get busy doing more. Get that old production line a hoppin'! I could never just churn them out fast, but these being smaller then most of my work it doesn't take so long to finish them.

This coming year I will be painting with egg tempera which I am so excited about, especially after having the privilege of meeting Tom Forrestall at a retrospect exhibit of his stunningly beautiful pieces at Mount Allison this Summer. His work is just spectacular. The egg tempera is translucent and just gets better with age.

I have been busy working since July 1st, cooking at a local cafe right on the beach. Such a awesome and inspirational view and I have an oil painting hanging in the dining room of a Barb horse called Feugo. I had a Texan interested in buying it for his wife's birthday present but he didn't want to part with those big Texan dollars I guess. Pricing your work is often a challenge for an artist. You don't want to overprice and not make it available for folks to purchase but on the other hand giving it away for next to nothing really makes no sense and you undersell yourself in more ways than one.

I do hope I don't have to wait til I dead an' long gone before my work makes a few dollars!

Must skedaddle, and I'll catch ya on the flip flop folks! Catherine

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Canadian

I am about to submit this last painting along with my final report on the at Mount Allison University. It has been a great learning process and continues to be so. I am just at the beginning of these paintings and my goal is to do 15-20 portraits. Upon completion I hope to have a show...somewhere in the near future!

I've never had my own art exhibit. It is pretty monumental for me in many ways. I was in the past somewhat cynical about the whole gallery setting. Truthfully I understand that some galleries can be a very unpleasant and daunting experience however in retrospect I believe most of my negative association with galleries has been an excuse that was fear based and my own lack of confidence as an artist. I know I am not alone in these projections. I know that this is all part of acceptance, growing as an artist, getting over my own issues and just get done, what I need to do , in order to get my work out there. I have no time for my own negativity these days, nor anyone else's!

I have loved the learning process and completing each painting and I am so blessed to have had some great teachers and mentors along the way. I look forward to more teachers, future art, and exhibitions. Life really is all about relationships, acceptance, growth, change, and you've gotta have art!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Canadian Horse Paintings

Here are my latest paintings of Canadian Horses that is part of my series of work for my Mount Allison Internship.
Our second year painting class had a show on Thursday April 8th at The Little Armadillo Print Shop which was very successful and well attended. I was very pleased with the level of interest in my work , and the Canadian Horse as most folks are unaware that we even have a National Horse. I have a number of paintings left to complete but I may never stop, as The Little Iron Horse is my passion!

My next painting will be larger in size of " Lacey ", a stunningly beautiful mare from Here is the Utube video of Lacey.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Art Work

This is a top view of my functional sculpture; two metal rings welded together with rods and rolled up recycled material from the Sally Ann stuffed tightly into the rings and voila a stool to sit on or to rest your feet! Very soft and comfy!

This here crazy thing is my Chindogu sculpture. A totally useless useful thing! It really needs to be a performance piece. My friends mother put it on and then my friend Dawn and her son put it on. It was hilarious, we laughed so hard because her mother thought it was a serious craft project which her daughter, my friend, convinced her of, naughty daughter!

It's a cosy like thingy that envelopes your head and laptop computer to close out the world when you are on line. It's made out of second hand socks I was given. I cut them in to squares and sewed the thing together. Notice the outside pockets which would normally be filled with various items of interest and use. Took me forever to sew by hand!

Here's some of my artwork I have done since my second term began. We have mostly models in my painting class and other projects we work out relating to our own ideas. I am enjoying the class very much though it is very different than last terms class which I would say is a good thing!

I will try and get some of my work posted from my drawing classes which I am really finding very enjoyable and am learning lots from both.

We have some photo projects soon due and the next sculpture project is something called Chindogu. Translation is a useless/ useful object that one invents sort of. I let you know how I make out with that one!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Canadian Horses/ New Painting

I was in Minto New Brunswick a few weeks ago. This is where my family on my father's side all landed from the "old country", Germany and Poland. I have only been there a handful of times because my father was estranged from his family and left Minto, never to return for many reasons, unfortunately. This was not only a great loss for my father and his family but also for me.

I was there to visit my cousin, whom I'd never met face to face. Also I was there to reacquaint myself with Connelly's Canadian Horses, to take photographs for my internship; a historical documentation of the Canadian horse through painting and photos.

The meeting up with the Canadians was the second time I had contact with them, muzzle to muzzle. It was more amazing to me then the first time. It is difficult to describe in words just what this experience was like and what it means to me. In some ways it is like a healing of sorts. The healing that happens when you come to grips with family matters or fulfill a dream.

The Canadians seemed to know I was there just to see them. They are such people loving horses, so curious and intelligent. I didn't want to leave.

Mike had a wonderful cross section of the types of Canadian horse. The largest was over 16 hands and rather refined. The smallest was closer to the original old type of Canadian, small and very hairy. He was adorable. Mike pointed out this little fellow actually had a mustache, which I saw for myself and Mike said, in the summer he'd actually had handle bars! Good things do come in small packages and some even have mustaches!

Speaking of small packages, my cousin Alice whom I'd stayed with over the weekend is about as big as a popcorn fart and a lovely soul. She has such a love of animals, people, life and such a kind and loving spirit, with a wonderful sense of humour. Her children are so beautiful, my little cousins! It was such real pleasure to meet her, her children and all her critters. It was all part of that family healing experience for me and another part of the process of fulfilling my dream of getting closer to my family, and to Canadian horses.

In looking back over my weekend away, I now see very poignantly, how important it has been for me to come to a resolution around family issues and change what I can, accept what can and can't and in knowing the difference between the two is especially essential. Following my bliss and passions has brought me much happiness and healing and I know will continue to do so in the future.

Here is my first painting a copy of an illustration done well over a hundred years ago of what the earlier Canadian horse looked like.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food For Thought

Here's something a friend shared with me today.

any people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets.

The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so... Love the people who treat you right. Love and pray for the ones who don't."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photos from School Portfoilo

Taking photography at University as part of my studies for my BFA is a challenge! No digital here! All the basic steps of learning how to load, develop black and white film for a 35 mm camera. Old school as they say. It's a challenge and can be enough to make one completely neurotic but well worth the effort. I'm a bare for punishment as I am taking photography again this term.

It is hard to describe the satisfaction that comes with learning and going through the whole process unless you actually do it yourself. Photography is so much more than simply taking photos. The world opens to your eyes in a way like no other. It becomes a Zen like meditative state if you open yourself to the experience and discipline.

I am very blessed and grateful to have a wonderfully gifted professor, artist and mentor, whom I seriously hope is not a dying breed from this old school of photography.

Here are some of my photos from my school portfolio I submitted last term.