Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Wild Flowers and Frida Kahlo's Unibrow

I have completed the third of my Wild Flower series. One more to do, and  then I'm not sure what my subject matter will be. I have thoughts about doing work that reflects the inner workings of my mind and soul, but it's all too serious for me right now.

 I think it is vital that artists nor anyone take themselves too seriously, however I couldn't help but think about how super seriously sensitive some folks are about everything politically correct these days.  It can get very wearisome, and after hearing a debate on CBC's Q, with Jian Gohmeshi about the AGO handing out press on, fake unibrows, in order to spark interest in the Frida Kahlo show at the gallery, and giving  50% discount on admission; the woman who was disturbed about this,  is just the kind of wearisome political correctness I am referring to.

I really don't imagine that Frida could care less about this kind of publicity to entice people into seeing her work. Frida was a women who had lived large and rather in your face. Her unibrow wasn't an issue with her nor do I think it should be with anyone else. I believe her many portraits are an example of how her appearance was not that important to her.

 If the AGO decided to pass out mustaches because Salvador Dali's work was in the gallery, I doubt there would be any concern or kerfuffle made about this.  I don't believe she took herself that seriously though she had so many dead serious events happen to her. Regardless she was able to rise above and live life to the fullest with grace, humour and discernment and she knew what was really important to her in life. I wish more folks could live life the same unibrow or no!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Discipline A Dirty Word?

I had a lovely lunch with my, kind, creative, friend yesterday and we had a great discussion about creativity. We talked about staying on task, allowing ourselves enough time and discipline to be creative and to actively produce art work.

Growing up, discipline for me was a rather dirty word, in that I thought, surely in order to be really disciplined you couldn't possible equate this with having fun or enjoyment. Oh how wrong I was, and fortunately I don't think this way anymore and after many years, I have come  know that within discipline there is much freedom to be found. Not that I still don't struggle with daily habitual discipline, believe me I do. Yes, sometimes I entertain thoughts of sitting with my thumb up my arse! My apologies to those not used to my Maritime use of the word's just a word we like to use!

The relationship, ideas of and between discipline and freedom is different for each individual I'm sure. Personally, discipline enables me to achieve my goals, to become a happier, healthier and better human being and to begin to really understand the meaning of freedom, and who I am as an individual, which I believe is a life long learning process, because we are always trying to improve our skills and grow as creative people.
It's difficult to articulate and I'm certain there are many folks who can do a far better job at articulating, and I would love to hear from any of you who are inclined to do so.
I intend to do some further in depth reading on this subject as it has come up a number of times in my conversations with others.

 Lori Woodward Simon had some very helpful and relevant points to make in her blog article, Freedom VS. Self Discipline: The Professional Artist Struggle.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Flowers...

I said many heart felt prayers this week and God heard my cry...

It's uplifting to be painting flowers this time of year. Here is my latest egg tempera flowers on ceramic tile which are much larger then the Celtic Totems. These are twelve inch square. I much prefer doing egg tempera on ceramic tile then wood, I must say. I have two more to complete.

For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive; and abundant in mercy unto all them that call upon you.

Psalm 86:5

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paintings, Painting, and Flowers...

I've been in a painting frenzy it seems these days to keep myself from falling in the post university blues. After completing this series of thirteen Celtic Totems, painting on ceramic tiles I wasn't sure what else I would tackle as subject matter but I found my way to flowers. I've never been one to paint flowers  but they seem to be a natural way for me to stave off the effects of SADD that so many of us Canadians are afflicted with, come the dark days. I have posted the last of my finished Totem series and have included the first egg tempera painting I just finished yesterday on large tiles from my next series of Wild Flowers.

Wren Totem

Seahorse Totem

Horse Totem

Fish Totem

“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” - William Blake