Celtic Animal Totems

Having a Celtic heritage I can certainly say I feel that deep in my bones and am drawn to all things Celtic. I see a strong connection between First Nations animal totems and Celtic animal totems. These Egg Tempera paintings that are just 4" x 4 " ceramic tiles, I did a couple of in 2013, I think in the dead of the Winter if I recall. They made me feel happy. Each animal represents an Astrological Zodiac sign. They are not posted in any particular order.
Wolf Totem

Fox Totem
Snake Totem

Butterfly Totem

Swan Totem

Bull Totem

Stag Totem

Sea Horse Totem

Horse Totem

Fish Totem

Cat Totem

Wren Totem


Unknown said...

Just saw this series....Really like the style of these....they remind me a little of Jamini Roy of India.....

Unknown said...

Thank you Joni,

I've not heard of Jamini Roy. I will have to check this artist out. They may be small but they are a lot of work. I sold all of them.

Unknown said...

Beautifully done. Chris and James.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for dropping by Chris and James, and for your very kind comments :)