Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh the sun is out today and the temperatures are on the rise!
I don't want to talk weather but it sure helps when the temps are up and the sun is out!
Today I get my submissions in the mail for my art grants. I have this feeling of trepidation only because I really need to get these in today and I am concerned, when's the other shoe going to drop, bordering on paranoia for some reason...with no real rational foundation. It speaks of my neurosis I guess, as moments of a self-doubting artist. Or maybe it's just the lack of confidence in Canada Post! I won't get into that!

Not much to say, just putting my best foot forward today for the tasks at hand. Oh to be my cat curled up on the chair for the afternoon. Or my friend cosied up by the fire in her jammers!

Kindest regards - Catherine

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