Portraiture is what I specialized in for many years until finally expanding my subject matter to include just about anything and everything as I think it is important to me as and artist to be versatile and it enables me to grow if I challenge myself with a variety of subject matter. This first four drawings is a collection of faces from the North West Territories where I lived for three years. The next two are portraits of two women dancers from the tribe, Oulad Nile dancers from Algeria.

Net Mending

Northern Boys

Arctic Winter Games Winner

Grand Mother

Oulad Nile
These drawing are of Algerian women from a tribe called, Oulad Nile. They were the original Beladi dancers ( belly dancers). The coins they earned from dancing were sewn into their clothing. The more coins they had the more popular the dancer. 24x26 inches, Graphite Pencil

Oulad Nile

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