Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art, Artists, Art Galleries, Art Movements, Art History, Art Articles

Art, Artists, Art Galleries, Art Movements, Art History, Art Articles

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shout Out

I wanted to give a shout out of gratitude to the Universe and the Great Spirit today in this blog.

Writing daily in my journal over a period of many years, has been and is always a great way for me to keep an ongoing inventory of things I have to be grateful for, and to simply keep the garbage of my mind's windshield clear, so I can see where I'm going a little clearer and enjoy the view!

I go back and forth from blogging to long hand writing in my daily journal and really prefer that for different reasons than blogging. Both have advantages and drawbacks. I will say, long hand writing allows my thoughts to gel and clarify, before I get them down on paper. When I type sometimes my thoughts are pouring out and I write them faster then they come. I am not quite as thoughtful at times when typing. Though I am getting better at slowing my thoughts down to be in cinque with my typing, I still am very partial to the long hand process; even the writing of the letters and sentences in themselves I love.

One of the reasons I am writing today, is to say to the God of my understanding, thank you, thank you, thank you. One of my favorite writers Anne Lamott says two of her best prayers are thank you, thank you, thank you and help me, help me , help me. Mine too. I don't ever want to forget to say thank you. This is what keeps me happy in my life, regardless of what happens, having a grateful attitude toward life in general makes me happy. I believe it is this attitude that is the secret to happiness.

A few days ago I picked up my journal and realized I hadn't documented one of the most momentous events of my life, that has been a constant dream I was consciously and unconsciously wanting and working toward fulfilling. I have written about this some in previous blog entries, relating to my " Soul Bargain". Specifically I am referring to my creative goals, and longings; returning to University to finish my degree in Fine Arts.

For those who are don't know a bit of the background, I will tell you. I was 27 in my last year at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and newly married for four months, to the love of my life. He very unexpectedly died and though I tried to return to complete my degree, I was simply unable to cope emotionally, in spite of the fact, I was producing probably my best art work. So, life happened and I wasn't able to return to school.

The fact that I hadn't graduated weighed very heavy on my heart, for many years. With many prayers, trust and persistence, I now find myself after almost thirty years in the incredible and I believe miraculous position of being able to return to the University I always desired to attend. When I left high school, the marks were in the dumper and I didn't think I'd ever be accepted, so I went to NSCAD. I am not sorry I went, but I am absolutely so grateful and my cup is overflowing, that after all these years, I will be attending the University I wanted to originally attend, as I was accepted this summer to attend in the Fall!

On August 7th I received notification my Student Loan application had been approved and with that, this is the final notice I needed to actually be able to go! Because no dough...no go! And for this I am so grateful! As well, I want to say I am so very grateful to all of my friends and family who have been so encouraging and supportive to me in my decision to return to complete my BFA! You guys rock!

It's very easy to loose track of the things we could and should be grateful for and I think this is why for me, it is a very positive, life affirming, transforming and empowering activity to involve myself in. Writing always reminds me, hey, don't forget what you are supposed to remember! Be grateful, be happy! Hell! I feel better already!

And remember this...don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things! Except if it's your horse of course!

Kind Regards - Catherine