Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eric Bibb - "Don't let nobody drag your spirit down" HD

This one's for Wes ...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Recent Art

Well Summer is quickly flying by and school will soon be starting back again. Three more terms left for me and I am expecting to graduate in 2012. Don't expect an invite you are all very welcome. I am inviting the world!

I have been using my oil pastels for these landscape paintings on masonite of some local spots and have sold a number of them so I have more to get busy doing more. Get that old production line a hoppin'! I could never just churn them out fast, but these being smaller then most of my work it doesn't take so long to finish them.

This coming year I will be painting with egg tempera which I am so excited about, especially after having the privilege of meeting Tom Forrestall at a retrospect exhibit of his stunningly beautiful pieces at Mount Allison this Summer. His work is just spectacular. The egg tempera is translucent and just gets better with age.

I have been busy working since July 1st, cooking at a local cafe right on the beach. Such a awesome and inspirational view and I have an oil painting hanging in the dining room of a Barb horse called Feugo. I had a Texan interested in buying it for his wife's birthday present but he didn't want to part with those big Texan dollars I guess. Pricing your work is often a challenge for an artist. You don't want to overprice and not make it available for folks to purchase but on the other hand giving it away for next to nothing really makes no sense and you undersell yourself in more ways than one.

I do hope I don't have to wait til I dead an' long gone before my work makes a few dollars!

Must skedaddle, and I'll catch ya on the flip flop folks! Catherine