Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Canadian

I am about to submit this last painting along with my final report on the at Mount Allison University. It has been a great learning process and continues to be so. I am just at the beginning of these paintings and my goal is to do 15-20 portraits. Upon completion I hope to have a show...somewhere in the near future!

I've never had my own art exhibit. It is pretty monumental for me in many ways. I was in the past somewhat cynical about the whole gallery setting. Truthfully I understand that some galleries can be a very unpleasant and daunting experience however in retrospect I believe most of my negative association with galleries has been an excuse that was fear based and my own lack of confidence as an artist. I know I am not alone in these projections. I know that this is all part of acceptance, growing as an artist, getting over my own issues and just get done, what I need to do , in order to get my work out there. I have no time for my own negativity these days, nor anyone else's!

I have loved the learning process and completing each painting and I am so blessed to have had some great teachers and mentors along the way. I look forward to more teachers, future art, and exhibitions. Life really is all about relationships, acceptance, growth, change, and you've gotta have art!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Canadian Horse Paintings

Here are my latest paintings of Canadian Horses that is part of my series of work for my Mount Allison Internship.
Our second year painting class had a show on Thursday April 8th at The Little Armadillo Print Shop which was very successful and well attended. I was very pleased with the level of interest in my work , and the Canadian Horse as most folks are unaware that we even have a National Horse. I have a number of paintings left to complete but I may never stop, as The Little Iron Horse is my passion!

My next painting will be larger in size of " Lacey ", a stunningly beautiful mare from http://www.cosylandfarms.ca Here is the Utube video of Lacey.