Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Canadian

I am about to submit this last painting along with my final report on the at Mount Allison University. It has been a great learning process and continues to be so. I am just at the beginning of these paintings and my goal is to do 15-20 portraits. Upon completion I hope to have a show...somewhere in the near future!

I've never had my own art exhibit. It is pretty monumental for me in many ways. I was in the past somewhat cynical about the whole gallery setting. Truthfully I understand that some galleries can be a very unpleasant and daunting experience however in retrospect I believe most of my negative association with galleries has been an excuse that was fear based and my own lack of confidence as an artist. I know I am not alone in these projections. I know that this is all part of acceptance, growing as an artist, getting over my own issues and just get done, what I need to do , in order to get my work out there. I have no time for my own negativity these days, nor anyone else's!

I have loved the learning process and completing each painting and I am so blessed to have had some great teachers and mentors along the way. I look forward to more teachers, future art, and exhibitions. Life really is all about relationships, acceptance, growth, change, and you've gotta have art!

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