Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Wild Flowers and Frida Kahlo's Unibrow

I have completed the third of my Wild Flower series. One more to do, and  then I'm not sure what my subject matter will be. I have thoughts about doing work that reflects the inner workings of my mind and soul, but it's all too serious for me right now.

 I think it is vital that artists nor anyone take themselves too seriously, however I couldn't help but think about how super seriously sensitive some folks are about everything politically correct these days.  It can get very wearisome, and after hearing a debate on CBC's Q, with Jian Gohmeshi about the AGO handing out press on, fake unibrows, in order to spark interest in the Frida Kahlo show at the gallery, and giving  50% discount on admission; the woman who was disturbed about this,  is just the kind of wearisome political correctness I am referring to.

I really don't imagine that Frida could care less about this kind of publicity to entice people into seeing her work. Frida was a women who had lived large and rather in your face. Her unibrow wasn't an issue with her nor do I think it should be with anyone else. I believe her many portraits are an example of how her appearance was not that important to her.

 If the AGO decided to pass out mustaches because Salvador Dali's work was in the gallery, I doubt there would be any concern or kerfuffle made about this.  I don't believe she took herself that seriously though she had so many dead serious events happen to her. Regardless she was able to rise above and live life to the fullest with grace, humour and discernment and she knew what was really important to her in life. I wish more folks could live life the same unibrow or no!

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