Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have done many portraits in the past. Mostly graphite drawings of people and critters.
I've always found it amusing and interesting how many folks seem to think their dogs are the most beautiful of creatures, regardless of how homely. I know some dogs as so ugly they are beautiful to me. I love Mexican Hairless dogs and even did a painting of one once.

Drawing other people's animals can be satisfying if you like the look of them, the same goes for drawing their relatives. But nothing is quite as satisfying as doing some one you know either your own critter or friend because you have that bond with them.

This base drawing I have done for my egg tempera painting for class. The subject is a funny and sweet young women I have become friends with. She's older beyond her young years, and full of character. She actually has a agelessness about her and a wonderful free spirit full of fun and life. I am looking forward to completing this painting because I have this connection with her that is timeless and ageless.

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