Friday, February 25, 2011

Ok Here We Go Again

Don't get me wrong I love writing.

I've been asked to do a daily project as part of my Open Seminar class, and I do really like it. Writing is my daily project, whether it is blogging or writing in my long hand journal. It's just that some days you just wonder, what the hell am I going to write and blog about today. So I have to simply get to it, like I am right now and then it's like greasing the wheels and I have some kind of gabble to write even if it doesn't make any sense to any one else but me. This is more often the case, when I write in my journal. I don't censor my writing as I do on a public blog, and that's a good thing because it allows be more receptive to creativity.

Talking to a creative friend today we were sharing our experiences with art techniques and then we got into talking about the creative process. I came to the same realization I always come to when I have discussions like this.

I am once again reminded that it doesn't really matter what the outcome or even the intention is but what is essential is the freedom that I find in the middle of the actual creative process within a daily creative discipline. When I forget this and don't bother, I disconnect from my own creativity and it leaves me feeling out of cinque, frustrated, alone, and discouraged. This is why I think I hear this over and over again from follow artists, keep making work! This is where the creativity lives!

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