Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Solitude

I'm just thinking about communication today, what it would be like if I couldn't talk or hear. That would be so difficult. I love silence but I love the stimulation of good conversation and laughter with others face to face.

Being an artist is a solitary kind of vocation and you need to be able to learn to be comfortable with that at some point. I think is has a lot to do with what kind of family we grow up in. My family was very small just two of us kids with a ten year difference in age between my older brother and I so I did spend much of my time alone learning to entertain myself. Growing up with a lot of stimulation, in a large family you get used to this I think and one really has to adapt to the silence of being comfortable in your own skin in the quiet of your studio. I love my solitude really and though I can't say I don't have times of loneliness I do for the most part enjoy my own company, in my own home and space.

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