Friday, February 18, 2011

Painting, Fox, and Determination

I am pretty much finished my painting which I have posted. I still have a few changes I could make but over all I am happy with it and I had a productive and positive class critique. I learned a lot. This painting is of my sweet little cousin Skyler and her Arabian horse Koebe. Koebe was lost somewhere in the neighbourhood and was then found by a neighbour. This picture was taken of them both reunited coming into the barn. There is nothing like the bond between a girl and her horse, the bond between human and animal creatures. We have so much to learn our fellow creatures.

I am oscillating back and forth, feeling so down, and then feeling determined to not give up on getting back to school after my 10 day break, on the 28Th of February; now being without my car and having no wheels to get there. I have also been feeling surges saying and thinking, F--K you Murphy, I am going to school somehow, someway. I am referring to Murphy's law, which at this stage of life, I am very well acquainted with, to say the least. I could almost say we have become friendly enemies.

Stealthy messenger of the gods,
Cunning and wise, reliable friend,
Guide my steps through this maze of deception
And see this problem to its end.

I will say this about that. If it weren't for the love and support of good friends, the blessings that the Creator gives me from day to day, I would surely be dead in the water. I saw my friend today, The Fox, she was close to me. She's has a den here here in Apple River, on the back of the river bank for a few years now and I see her, always just when I need to. I happened to look out my studio window and there she was running across the open white expanse of the marsh and I managed to get this digital snap of her. She was there to remind me, she is my totem and I can draw on Fox's strength to help me now once again.

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