Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rachel Brice - A Heart of Creative Adventure

Rachel Brice is an absolutely incredible dancer, and I think beautiful, on the inside and out. I've said it before, and will say it again, she is the best. I admire and love her so much. I can only dream of seeing her live one day or even getting the opportunity to attend one of her retreats in Costa Rica or Bali, The Heart of Belly Dance.

She is more than a dancer, Rachel Brice is a great mentor, and an example of how she honours the creative, adventurous heart within all women.

The costumes and adornments are all part of the dancing and presentation that transcends the whole experience to another world.

This particular video shows the level of her ability, skill, devotion and talent as a dancer. I've posted an unbelievable improvisational dance, and I think maybe the best video I have seen of her, and I've seen just about all of them.

She recently opened up Datura Bellydance studio/boutique in Portland, USA  offering both onsite and online classes. Of course nothing quite replaces face to face instruction, but for those of us far away from Portland, online classes are great.Nova Scotia really isn't so far away and so perhaps I'll follow my heart and take that creative adventure in the future.

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