Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chris Down

Chris Down

I have had in my life, as an art student, the pleasure, the privilege, and the honour really, to have had some wonderful teachers while attending NSCAD in the 70s and at Mount Allison University  in 2009-2012.
Chris Down is one of them, and is having a solo show at the Peter Buckland Gallery in Saint John New Brunswick.

Chris is a completely dedicated teacher, passionate about his work as an educator, and as an artist. I know he would not agree with me when I say this, because he is a very humble man, but I think he is a brilliant artist, having a mind and intellect equally matched.

I can never remember a time in painting studio where Chris was not fully engaged with his students, and carrying around some book that he'd been reading. Whenever we would get into a one on one discussion about art in class, after a bit, and at some point in our conversation, my brain would turn into Snoopy the dog in Peanuts. This was due to my lack of knowledge or comprehension I would then begin to hear, what Snoopy heard, ' wa-wa-wa ', upon listening to Chris, because he is brilliant, and I alas am not. Regardless he never made me feel less than, or intimidated, because he was neither pedantic or ego driven, and as I mentioned previously he is very humble man, self-affacing, with a great sense of humour, who loves being a teacher.

I am so very grateful to have called him my teacher and my friend.

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