Sunday, March 2, 2014

Manjari Sharma

A few years back I had the privilege and opportunity to travel to New York City and saw lots of art. Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was definitely one of the major highlights of the trip as was visiting the Museum of Modern Art.

 My interest in world religions was somewhat satisfied visiting the Met. At MoMA my passion for photography and being able to see such great photographers like Walker Evans, Diane Arbus and Alfred Stieglitz collection left me breathless.
 In the Met I went to a part of the museum, where I saw statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses , which was an amazing experience. It was like entering a sacred temple. One of the statues that fascinated me was Lord Ganesha. Below is what I saw. I took a photo and made sure to leave Lord Ganesha some cash because I was a poor student of art about to graduate and definitely seeking education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth!

God of Education, Knowledge, Wisdom and Wealth

I've been thinking a lot about Goddesses and God's lately. Mostly because I have been involved in doing Tarot readings and studying the cards which more often than not have symbolic meanings based on Goddesses and Gods.

Today I learned about a wonderful photographer
She embodied Hindu Gods and Goddesses through her photographs, by using real models, and going to painstaking heights and great lengths in making handmade costumes. All of the props and materials used to create these final photographs resulted in such realistic detail and inspiring beauty.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva - Father of Ganesha

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