Monday, March 3, 2014

Who Was Molly Bobak?

25 x 19 in.
framed dimension: 31 x 25 in.

I lived in Fredericton New Brunswick in the early mid eighties. I was aware of the artist Bruno Bobak. I was not terribly interested in his art for a number of reasons, but mostly because of not being very involved in the art scene, as I was working full time as an apprentice welder, and then as a youth care worker and had just returned to the Maritimes from the North West Territories. Regardless, I think I can say I had a a bit of the attitude many Canadians have regarding "local " Canadian artists. If they don't appear to be in the mainstream well then they are under recognized, and unappreciated. So although Bruno was on my radar I  unfortunately was completely unaware of artist Molly Bobak.
Gallery 78 gives a great overview of the of Molly Bobak's volume of work.

They certainly were a lovely couple who offered a remarkable and an extraordinary talent They both were a gift to Canada, as significant and important part of our Canadian art history.

I now very much regret, not having been more engaged with the art community in Fredericton, while I was there, as I would have been very grateful to have met such talented artists and special couple like Bruno and Molly Bobak. I couldn't help but be reminded of another loving and talented couple, Alex and Rhoda Colville.

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