Sunday, February 23, 2014

Elif Shafak - The Politics of Fiction

I found this TED talk on Face Book, and until today I had never heard of Elif Shafak. When visiting the TED site and reading the comments left and the varied opinions about what she had to say, I was a little over whelmed and rather confused by all the analytical headiness of what was said about her talk. Instead of getting into a big brouhaha over linguistics etc., and God only knows, having taken a linguistics in University, I found out how linguists seem love a good fight. When considering the controversial comments on the TED site, I can't help but reflect on what is said in the 12 step rooms of recovery.  " Take what you like and leave the rest ."

Personally, I found it her talk insightful and enlightening. I loved what she said about story telling, circles, Sufis, and that she talked about Rumi, whom I love so much.

 I look forward to reading her books of fiction.

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