Monday, June 25, 2012

Tommy Hunter's Playlist - A Real Canadian Icon

When I was a teenager I spent most of my hours at the local hole in the wall YMCA. It was a very influential period in my young life and holds great memories. It provided a refuge for me and many of my peers.

One special memory was when Tommy Hunter came to my home town of Amherst Nova  Scotia. He made a very special visit to our YMCA because we were involved with the Blueberry Harvest Festival. He showed up for breakfast of home made fresh blueberry pancakes. Immediately I was struck by how tall of a man he was. Secondly he was so good humoured and humble. In my eyes he truly lived up to his reputation, of being a real country gentleman.

I had the pleasure last night of hearing his personal playlist that I think reflects the kind of person and artist he is.


Wayne said...

I don't remember Tommy coming to the Amherst "Y" but my memories of Tommy were earlier. It would have been the late '50's- early '60's era when I was living in Ottawa. CBC-TV Saturday night was iconic Canadiana-Tommy Hunter and Hockey Night in Canada. There was a house rule - if I wanted to see the hockey game, I'd have to have my bath and put on my pj's before the puck was dropped. So on Saturday nights I bathed with Tommy Hunter. I rubbed & scrubbed as the audio from the Tommy Hunter Show wafted up the furnace vents. Unfortunately the acoustic qualities of the tiled bathroom did nothing to improve my voice as I helped Tommy and his guests perform.

Unknown said...

That's a great memory Wayne. Thanks for sharing it!