Friday, June 22, 2012

"I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art"

I thought in light of Gary Neill Kennedy's recent publication of The Last Art College , it would only be right to post this video about John Baldesarri.
Tom Waits is my very favourite all time musician and songwriter/balladeer. I just love him and have followed him since the early 70s. When I was living in Toronto I got a chance to see him. Man that was some kind of show, I'll never forget.

The audience was full of every kind of personality and lots of folks living on the fringes. I sat with two strippers and the bouncer from Le Strip, the strip joint on Young Street who were brown baggin' it and offered me a swig. I thought it might be rude to turn the offer down, and I figured just added to the ambiance!


Betsy Grant said...

Interesting experiences! He certainly is the epitome of blues and personality isn't he! I heard him interviewed on NPR by Terry Gross one time. He's quite a character.

Unknown said...

Yes that's for sure Betsy. Both John and Tom have become more developed personalities and characters now they are both older.

Thanks for you comment.