Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Advocate Concession Stand Art

Well Saturday evening I finally finished working on the concession stand. I was painting hotdogs and hamburgers on the sides, along with many tedious hours of lettering.

My training in drafting came in handy, but oh I understand why folks resort to stenciling when making signage. Regardless, my friend was happy with the job and I felt satisfied in completing this time consuming effort. It's not exactly high art but by gum those hotdogs and hamburgers look some good as us Maritimers say! I've posted a few photos I took today.

I've been eating more sausages lately which I think is a direct result of painting pictures of them over the last two weeks.

This one got accidentally smudged so I took the linseed oil to it. I hope the varnish will hide the multitude of sins! The front menu board, I wasn't able to photograph because the tarp was covering it. I finished that up last night, and I was in a hurry to get the heck home!.

No sausages for me for a while. I do have same hamburgers in the freezer, but I'll what til the weekend. Eating too many hotdogs or hamburgers, that's what I'd call the occupational work hazards of concession stand art work!


Betsy Grant said...

You did a wonderful job, and I look forward to more of your creativity!

Unknown said...

Thank you Betsy. It was a different kind of job , that's for sure, but I did enjoy it. Won't be doing any concession stands for a while I don't think!