Saturday, July 7, 2012

ARTnews 200 Top Art Collectors

Lately I've been doing more thinking than writing or making of art for that matter.
I am about to get busy with more painting.  Too much thinking, too often, can turn into stinking thinking. Thoughts about my future, wondering about my past, and trying to live and appreciate the present moment, are all thoughts that come and go. I try not to regret or dwell on the past or project into the future, however being an artist sometimes can make you feel like your dangling on the precipice of uncertainty that can become a little crazy making.

Unless you are independently wealthy, can find a wealthy patron or  perhaps absorb yourself into crowd funding on such sites as kickstarter, artists have to find a way of financially supporting themselves,  draw upon all of their resources  within and outside themselves, in order to be, what seems the always eternal optimist, and keep smiling, in order to survive and thrive within the art world.

Today I was surfing the web, searching for information regarding those who are patrons of the arts. The Church was once the almighty patron that dictated the success of an artist's career. We all know the rest of that story.

There are however patrons that exist within the contemporary art world. Once in a while you come across particular names in the media such as, Saachi or Gagosian, but it came as somewhat of a surprize to me finding an actual list of 200 very wealthy art patrons, which I thought I'd share.

Here is the link to ARTnews ,where I found this list. I thought I'd share with those of you out there that might be interested or the list bit curious.

I also came across another site White Hot Magazine that reviews books about art  that includes a book written by, Charles Saachi entitled, My Name Is Charles Saachi and I'm An Artaholic. I've not read it but certainly intend to.

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