Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ray Fenwick

Last night I went to Struts Gallery, in Sackvillle New Brunswick and attended a workshop with Ray Fenwick. How much fun was that? Great fun!

First of all, I have to say how impressed I was with Ray easy going and relaxed manner. He put everyone at ease and was full of humour, play and keen wit. Obviously an emotionally intelligent lad.

When I arrived, just a few were gathered about a table munching away on a variety of sustaining food substances along with the beverage of choice. Ray informed us that when the said number of ten people arrived he would be locking the door. There had been a misunderstanding in that this workshop was limited in number and not open to the public. It has been stated on the poster that Ray had posted but most of us had overlooked to read this detail. I only mention this for the reason being , my poor friend who I had asked to meet me there as she was letting me crash at her place for a few days. She had arrived to a locked door and didn't want to disturb us and waited out there for an hour.

The workshop lasted for two hours and while my friend was outside freezing, we were all by this time wildly entertaining and amusing ourselves through various hysterical improve exercises to say the least. Sorry about that Rebbecca.

In light of my own personal involvement in Theater, Mime and Improv I found it very compelling to observe the non-verbal body language of the participants and how the level of comfort and enthusiasm transformed and increased over progression of the workshop. There appeared to be a supportive bond of sorts develop, a like mindedness in our united purpose of simply having and making spontaneous fun.

I was reminded of how we as a society seem to have lost this ability to entertain ourselves and through group activity. It also reaffirmed my belief in how intuitive, non- verbal and verbal communication can be a powerful function of language if we use it effectively. I think seeing, listening and feeling, when we communicate enables our sensitivity to significant physical clues, that increase our the ability to effectively strengthen communication and the understanding of ourselves and our relationships. I think this is what defines us as human , our relationship with the other.

I am so grateful I was able to attend Ray Fenwick's workshop that helped me to increase and exercise my emotional intelligence. Thank you Ray for giving me the opportunity to come out and play!

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