Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kevin Yates, Ai Weiwei

Today in Canadian Art History we had a special guest come to lecture on Installation Art. It was a very engaging and informative presentation given by Professor Leah Garnett, who presently teaches Open Media and Art Seminar. She gave an in depth and expansive explanation of the historical development of sculpture, which up to the 19th century had been represented as monument, paying homage to important historical figures.

Leah gave an overview of several contemporary installation artists and sculptures. I was particularly curious about Kevin Yates, upon finding out he had been a furniture maker in the past, before studying art. His great attention to fine detailed craftsmanship is very evident in his work and not surpassed by his imagination.
I greatly appreciate art created by artists who have a craft sensibility that lends connects itself to craft in the sense that reminds you of the workmanship of the traditional guild.

Kevin Yates sculpture transcends, transforms the past into future and simultaneously captures a moment in time that informs our precarious human condition, depicting the ordinary, somewhat fearful present, the future, in mystery and untold stories.
The discussion at the end of the our class was very lively and thought provoking and continued on in Art Seminar class that followed.

We watched a a video about Ai Weiwei the amazing installation artist that changed many lives and a village. I have included the link in his highlighted name. He is very compassionate, amazing and inspiring artist.

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