Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canadian Sculpture/ Installation Art

I realized going over my blog entries I had over looked writing about Canadian Sculptors, and Installation art, which are class lecture topics in my Canadian Art History class, 1960 to present. How typically Canadian of me!

I have been thinking why it is I seem not to be so interested in Canadian sculpture, or Installation Art. Truthfully for me there are not a whole lot of notable sculptors or installation artists that come to mind. That does not mean they do not exist! It's really based on my own ignorance. Call it a character defect and why I have returned to finish my Fine Art degree.
However that said, I think I am more interested in sculptors and installation artists, as artists generally, as opposed to the actual work. I am drawn to learning about their practice and creative processes that go into the ideas and ideology behind the work and why it is relevant to them.

I had the privilege of having a wonderful Canadian sculpture teacher and practicing sculptor in the past by the name of Hugh Leroy. I have to say I produced some of my best work while studying under him. After researching him further I was pleased and rather amazed to have found out that he studied under Arthur Lismer. He was a wonderful teacher and human being and I would consider him to be another one of those heuristic teachers I have referred to in previous posts.
Some time ago I was looking for information about Hugh Leroy and found a wonderful tribute to him on a blog by a fellow who was also a student of his. He had done this beautiful portrait of Hugh, as he was retiring from York University.

Another teacher I had the great fortune of studying with was Krzysztof Wodiczko , who is an installation artist doing large projections that are politically and socially charged. His work reflects his strong social conscience, that I greatly admire. His passion for life and dedication to his art as a vehicle for change is only surpassed by his humble nature and compassion for his fellow human beings.

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