Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting of Bill

I've completed my painting of my late husband Bill. I didn't have any surfacing of painful feelings, if any thing I felt happy to have done the painting and am glad that I made the decision to follow my intuition and complete this project. I enjoyed the process not unlike any other other egg tempera paintings I have done. However I do feel this was a spiritual kind of experience for me, that is difficult to put into words, but I feel I have honoured Bill's spirit, and this gives me comfort. I am happy with this painting that is special really to no one else but me. I can't stop looking at it. I guess that's normal. I think the experience is a little cathartic and healing. I am surprised that it was much easier than I expected, emotionally speaking and I think it is something I would recommend to any one else that was thinking about doing an artwork that portrays a loved one lost.


Sneels said...

It's lovely Catherine, I really think you have a knack for egg tempera!

Unknown said...

Oh shit thanks Laura! That means a lot to me coming from you, because I think you are a wonderful artist especially protraiture!

I'll tell you I am excited about the medium and it is so nice to feel that way! I am anxious to get started on the next project!