Monday, March 13, 2017

J.D. Ormond and The Sunshine Band

J.D. and The Sunshine Band

Listening to the news can be depressing. There just aren't enough good stories, very few for that matter.

 Last night I learned about a great story, while listening to My Play List on CBC Radio, with host musicians Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland from the band Whitehorse, which I really enjoyed. I'd heard this episode in 2015, so this was a repeat but it was great to hear them again and and I learned about J.D. Ormond who is Luke Doucette's brother living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  J.D. is a great song writer and has a band called The Sunshine Band.  Luke talked about J.D.'s writing ability and the work he's doing in Winnipeg at Sunshine House, a drop-in and resource center with the main focus being solvent harm reduction in Winnipeg. Luke played one of J.D.'s songs, performed with his band, called Saturday Night.

It sure is heartening to see artists using their art for change. I wished we'd hear about more of these kinds of stories on the news, that offer hopeful solutions, instead of what seem to be presumably hopeless circumstances.

I believe this is the real purpose of art and artist a like. To bring light and love to the world that seems full of darkness. What higher purpose can there be?                                  

Here's a really entertaining little animation created by Chantel Degagne accompanied by Luke's band, performing Luke's song, Heard That One Before.

  " Our humanity is lifted up by our art."

                                                - In memory of Richard Wagamese 

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