Friday, March 31, 2017

Dreams Creativity and Irish Cottages

Genista Cottage, Drisogue Ballyboughal, County Dublin

 Dreams are very important and very natural to have. If we give up on them we give up on ourselves I believe.
Over the years some dreams might not be fulfilled and the outcomes change, perhaps into a better dream, leading to something different or even better.
If we do achieve and reach our dreams sometimes they don't measure up to our imaginations and we have to adjust them accordingly, which might mean we make yet another dream after having to let go of the previous one.

Having dreams and trying to reach them are opportunities to learn lessons that enable growth, regardless of  how they turn out.
The root word of creativity means is "to grow", and dreaming will expand our perceptions that enable new ways to problem solve.

Whether it be day dreaming and night dreaming, dreams are the door to our intuition. If we can imagine, we can believe, and we have then made the first step to making our dream a reality.
I've had many dreams and imaginings in the past and still do. The best dreams I've made my reality, started in my imagination, and it was so deeply satisfying to have them come to fruition.

One of my dreams that exists in my imagination is to live in a cozy, canopied Irish countryside where a thatched roof cottage is gently nestled. I think it must be my Celtic heritage that has made this my deep desired dream.

I often get online and look at various properties, which is exactly what I did last night. Oh my, after many months of searching, I finally found the most ideal, beautiful and delightful thatched roof cottage. Realistically I haven't the opportunity to make this dream come true, but it won't stop me from imagining and dreaming about it. The inside of this cottage is just as perfect as the outside.

I would love to know the history of this cottage and just why it's called Genista. According to the Facebook group Cottageolgy, yep there's a group for folks like me, the name Genista means broom.

Genista Cottage, Drisogue Ballyboughal, County Dublin

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