Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Fantastic Art of Kay Rasmus Nielson

Kay Rasmus Nielson was an amazingly talented,and imaginative artist, who was categorized in the genre of Art Nouveau. His illustrations of fables and fairy tales are remarkable.

At some point, while working for Disney his services were no longer wanted, he fell out of favour, and seemed to disappear into obscurity.

 His perfected technique is so exquisite, delicate and whimsical. I was excited to learn when he was introduced to The Society of Tempera Painters, where he learned to greatly improve his skills, which is reflected in his washes and great attention to detail.

 I had never heard of Kay Rasmus Nielson until today. Though I certainly was a fan of Fantasia which he did the illustration for, and no doubt I have seen his illustrations in the past, but never knew of his name. I absolutely am crazy about his work.

'Lassie and Her Godmother" - Kay Nielson

Arabian Knights - Kay Nielson - 1917

The Troll Soul

From 'The Widow's Son'

As Far Away From The Castle - Kay Nielson

Powder and Crinoline - Kay Nielson

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