Thursday, November 20, 2014

Amazing Family Secrets - Claude

"Claude" - Archaeologist/ Artist Talva Jacobson

I have relatives that were born in France and Belgium, Poland and Germany. I have difficulty finding out about many of my relatives due to the war. This feels to me, like a big part of my identity is missing, because I can't go back very far in my family of origin, but I know more about my family than many others. I just recently was able to see pictures of my paternal great grand parents. It was an emotional experience.

 I can not imagine what Acadian families, and their community must be feeling, and experiencing after seeing what archaeologists Jonathan Fowler and Tanya Peckmann at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax had discovered, the skull of an Acadian child, dating back to 1740.

Talva Jacobson, an archaeologist and artist from Alberta, studied facial reconstruction and produced the reconstructed face of this child, they are calling Claude.

What an amazing creative gift for an artist to have, and to be able to give, to those searching for missing relatives or trying to find their family origins.

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