Friday, September 19, 2014

" More People Should Write "

I am presently reading a compelling book, by a really interesting fellow, Chris Guillebeau, the book is The Happiness of Pursuit. It's a wonderful read, about finding a quest, meaning, and purpose in your life. Chris has been described as being an adventurer, and sage combined. How true this is. He takes no only the physical world adventures, but the inner journey as well and his book is the documentation of the stories of people who do the same. It is full of wisdom and true inspiration.

I told Chris I read his book in bed at night, and always look forward to doing so, because I feel like I am going on an adventure. I know it doesn't say much for my love life, but I certainly do love his book! After writing this blog for nigh on six years now, and having recently started another blog, I am more enthusiastic than ever about writing.

I went to visit Chris's blog and found a whole host of interesting topics, This one in particular immediately sparked my interest from James Somers blog post entitled, More People Should Write. He puts into words very succinctly why it is I write and what happens when I do! Fantastic!

Here's another interesting item I found about how writer's have a serious advantage over the rest of us and how it's good for your health.

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