Saturday, September 6, 2014

Keeping A Diary

Keeping a journal for so many years, I sometimes think, wow, what dribble. Intellectually I know this isn't the truth, and it's just my inner critic speaking, as I do believe and have experienced the creative benefit of journaling especially because helps me as an artist.

A journal for me is a confidante, best friend, therapist, archive, prayer, sometimes entertainment, my memory and reflection. It is a daily life story, regardless of how trivial, or mundane.

 When I have looked back over the 30 years of entries, I've on occasion hardly recognized myself, but I know this is my journal, and I wrote it. I write for no one but myself, so it matters not what the content is, my pen to pages.

Yesterday I read an interesting and affirming Brain Pickings article, about the thoughts of famous writers on the benefits of keeping a dairy or a journal. It's worth a read.

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