Monday, January 17, 2011

The Oh Shit Blue Monday Blog

Another Monday, a rather blue one. Not that I have any thing to complain about, I don't.
I'm just wanting to rant. Please bare with me here, I won't be long.
Awakened early, 5 a.m laying in bed like a carp, thinking to myself why can't I just sleep until it's time to get out of bed?
Fact is, I should have gotten up then because by the time my feet hit the floor at 6 a.m the power went out. Dark, cold, no coffee made but looking on the bright side I knew exactly where my underwear was and remaining clothes, I had put out the night previous and I had bought new candles for the next power outage. I may never be organized, but I strive to be prepared, it's a daily struggle sometimes.

Out into the dark morning and it's cold enough to freeze your grannies preserves. I head half way up the road realizing oh s _ _t! I forgot my lunch, and I'm broke! I carry on and pick up a cheap coffee at the Irving (don't get the Hazelnut Vanilla). I gum on my cold banana.

My first class, Open Media, which was very productive for me as I delegate Christian to assist me and I document some more of the ongoing process of the transformation project, which happens to be one of my soft sculpture projects from last term , 2010. It is the knotted rope ladder. I have unraveled it, ( thanks Christian for your help), and now have copious lengths of thinner rope. I may very well unravel that. It's a perfect project for the compulsive obsessive. Pictures will be posted within the next few days the document the transition. I love Open Media, regardless of not having a clue what I'm doing much of the time.

Post Script

Glad to arrive home from school, very hungry I made a bee line to the fridge and being so tired, thought briefly about hittin' the ole fart sack but instead turned on CBC Radio and heard that January 17th is considered to be the most depressing day of the year...really is Blue Monday! I feel so much better!

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