Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joe Average

Listening to CBC Radio as I do every morning and crawling out of bed, I heard an interview being done about an artist named Joe, Joe Average. I wondered if that was his real name. As I listened, I learned, that he had been making art to support himself after being given a diagnosis of HIV 27 years ago.

He was determined to make a living solely through his art.
Now a days he was living pretty much like a recluse. The reason being was that he'd been struggling with the side effects from the various drug cocktail he had to take in order to fight the HIV.

His was a moving and very inspiring story. A testament to his determination, and loving kindness.
Photography is his mode of expression now as opposed to the very different work he'd done in the past that brought him a great deal of acclaim.
I thought I'd post the link to his site.

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