Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Not Stuck

I was very happy to get back to school today. Got my student loan in the bank, the hatch back window put back into the car, oil delivered to my tank, picked up some fur underwear , and no dust sandwiches for a while. This is the life of an art student.

Our Art Seminar class was a good one. We had a lively discussion about the Art World, the Art Market and the myths that are perceived about artists and what it means to be one.

In my Canadian Art History class today, we covered Garry Kennedy and Gerry Ferguson from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. I don't have anything I want to write about that, suffice to say, I couldn't wait to get out of that lecture. Being a NSCAD student all through the 70's I was exposed a lot of conceptual art, however many students were very involved in painting and drawing, in a traditional way, either inspite of the conceptual art ideology or perhaps because of it.

In my painting class I am preparing a presentation on Eric Fischl, who was at NSCAD when I was a student. It was a great revelation to me to find out after all these years that I was conflicted about conceptual art and figurative/representational art in much the same way Eric Fischl was. It was very re-affirming and comforting to me find this out.

In my Art Seminar I am doing a presention choosing two artists, one we like and the other not so much. Needless to say I am reading and learning all I can about Eric Fischl. It is so much easier to study an artist you love. The one I don't care for is Damien Hirst. I have read some material online about him much of it negative from a particular group of artists that call themselves Stuckists. My impression of this group is, it is somewhat tongue in cheek, but as with so much humour and satire comes, the critic ,which I believe is a necessary person to maintain a balanced perspective. I have included the link below and you can see for yourself the opinions they have regarding Stuckism, Conceptual Art and Damien Hirst and decide for yourself.
Charles Thomson the Founder of the Stuckism Movement concludes that Damien Hirst himself is a Stuckist.

Damien Hirst's rejection of conceptual art and his advocacy of figurative painting is yet another vindication of the ideas promoted for the future of art in the manifesto issued by the Stuckists ten years ago. He is not a formal member of the movement, but in art historical terms, Damien Hirst is a Stuckist.

1999 It was a revolution waiting to happen. The latest daring group of artists ... says that painting is the best thing ... calling themselves the Stuckist movement
Dalya Alberge, The Times, 26.8.99. 2009 I always thought painting was the best thing to do.
Damien Hirst, Financial Times, 16.10.09
(quoted from No Love Lost book, p. 63)
2000 artists who want a return to tradition ... The Stuckists"
The Times, 4.3.00 2009 what now counts as radical is a return to tradition. Hirst has been painting.
Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times, 14.10.09.

1999 The manifesto of the Stuckists ...
says that they want "to advance the cause of painting"
Dalya Alberge, The Times, 26.8.99. 2009 I think painting’s back
Damien Hirst, Bloomberg, 14.10.09

1999 The Stuckist is not a career artist but rather an amateur ... who takes risks
The Stuckists manifesto, 3.8.99. 2009 it's not really about ability, it's about guts
Damien Hirst, The Daily Telegraph, 13.10.09.

2000 art is ... about addressing the shadow and making friends with wild dogs
Stuckists Remodernism manifesto, 1.3.00 2009 I find painting cathartic
Damien Hirst, The Independent, 14.10.09

1999 So what is Stuckism? The group's manifesto proclaims it "bitterly opposed to ... conceptual art, minimal art"
Rose Aidin, The Sunday Times, 1.8.99. 2009 Conceptual or minimal art seems a bit dead
Damien Hirst, Time Out, 13.10.09
2002 the Stuckists ... on Thursday, they will proclaim the death of conceptual art by staging a funeral procession in which they will carry a coffin to the White Cube
Dalya Alberge, The Times, 20.7.02.

1999 The Stuckists ... pillory "any art which features dead animals or tents" ... which has "shown itself to be lost in
a cul-de-sac of idiocy"
Dalya Alberge, The Times, 26.8.99. 2009 Conceptual art, abstraction, they're total dead ends.
Damien Hirst, The Observer, 6.9.09
2000 the Modernist school ... declined into formalism and abstraction
Stuckists Handy Hints manifesto 11.4.00

1999 So what is Stuckism? The group's manifesto proclaims it "bitterly opposed to Brit Shit"
Rose Aidin, The Sunday Times, 1.8.99. 2009 You start thinking ... why are you making more of this shit
Damien Hirst, The Observer, 6.9.09

1999 Against ... hedonism and the cult of
the ego-artist.
The Stuckists manifesto, 3.8.99 2009 I definitely believed I was going to live forever ... you've got to get off the table and stop shouting "yeahhh".
Damien Hirst, The Guardian, 13.10.09.

1999 The Stuckist is opposed to the sterility of the white wall gallery system
The Stuckists manifesto, 3.8.99. 2009 You get a bit bored of putting art in contemporary art galleries, it's just a big white space isn't it?
Damien Hirst, Daily Mail, 13.10.09.

2002 I'm mainly talking to people who
aren't yet born with my work
Billy Childish (Stuckist co-founder), The Observer, 24.3.02 2005 in a way you make art for people who haven't been born yet
Damien Hirst, The Independent, 16.10.05
2006 you’re working for people not yet born
Damien Hirst, Time Out, 20.11.06

2000 The painting of pictures has endured since the Lascaux caves
The Stuckists, An Open Letter to Sir Nicholas Serota, 26.2.00. 2009 there's an unbroken line all the way back to the cavemen
Damien Hirst, The Daily Telegraph, 13.10.09.

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