Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Crone Painting

I've spent a total of twelve hours on this egg tempera painting. It's a large undertaking as without much forethought I chose a large piece of masonite to paint on. Note to self, don't choose such a large surface for egg tempera paintings. This large piece I can continue working on I know, without fear of overworking it. The more an egg tempera is painted the better it gets in time. A blessing or a curse depending on the how one approaches it I suppose. My painting professor lent me a wonderful book entitled, The Practice of Tempera Painting, Materials and Methods, by Daniel V. Thompson, Jr. Published by Dover, New York, 1962 unabridged republication of the work originally published by Yale University Press in 1936.
I find it a little disheartening and sad that it appears there is no one available to teach me the skill of this fine tradition in a University that once was no doubt, full of students that were very familiar and skilled in the medium of tempera painting. So for now I glean the information of the book I am reading and this is where the web becomes a very useful tool as well.

I'll get at this painting again tomorrow. I must head off to the store ...I'm out of eggs!


Sneels said...

It's looking lovely so far!

Unknown said...

Awww thanks Laura...the snow day came in handy! I am feeling crappy got that cold thing for the past two days but feeling crappier today. Going to school tomorrow though. I packed the freakin' painting in the car! My nose is sore I think I banged on something...wha wha wha...