Friday, January 23, 2009

Warm Healing for Winter

This is a painting I did today of my cactus and the figure of Mother Earth found on a Navajo sand painting, my very kind and generous friend from Arizona gave me.

Sand Paintings are so beautiful and are used in healing ceremonies.

I have never been to Arizona but have always been very drawn to the Navajo Tribe.

Just looking at these sand paintings have a healing power for me. I also have one that is called, Rainbow Man. Also, very powerful for creative healing I think.
"Navajo Yeii Spirit - Mediator, harmony
The Yeii spirit is regarded by Navajo's as being a mediator between humans and their creator, the Great Spirit. Yeii's are able to control natural forces in and on the earth, such as day and night, wind, rain, sun and other conditions. The Yei'i'chai - grandparent spirit or "talking God" - is regarded as a special form of Yeii. Their role is to talk to humans and tell them how to live in harmony with all living beings, giving instruction on how best to conserve unnecessary behaviour and actions, instead only using the basics needed for adequate survival. Rainbow Man (sometimes called Rainbow Kokopelli) is the symbol of the achievement of harmony. Depicted as a Yeii commanding the rainbow, it signifies the gift of beauty to all who live harmoniously. It's a positive symbol to have around, especially if you're interested in achieving a more harmonious and balanced state of living. "

At the begining of the month I started seedlings in the house, which gives me a sense of hope and harmony with nature, for the Spring to come, for new life and growth. My cactus plant I started years ago from seed and it is now about 20 inches high. I put the cactus and the sand painting of Mother Earth side but side. They belong together. It is also lovely to have a desert plant growing in the house and makes me think of warmer sunny climates like Arizona and how it would be wonderful to visit one day, to meet the Navajo people and experience the beauty of their culture.
- With harmonious and healing thoughts to you, Catherine

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