Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thoughts On Newspapers Vs Blogs

I'm been hearing alot lately about the digital online world replacing or threatening the world of print, such a newspapers and books. This is an interesting discussion as I think it helps me to analyze what it is I appreciate about the written word on and off line and to compare and contrast both mediums.

Today I happened to be listening to one of these particular debates on CBC Radio with Nora Young. Later in the afternoon, I got a phone call from a newspaper office, offering me a good deal on the delivery of their paper, directly to my home. I thought, yes I want to have the ritual of reading the morning paper again! I haven't done that for a long time! I still take time to write letters, and read books, both that I love to hold and behold in my imagination. Once in a while, usually on a Saturday, I love to relax and read the paper and will pick one up at the local store. I had a long discussion with the sales lady about this topic of online vs offline reading, which we both enjoyed as we were both of like minds.

It's difficult to explain exactly why the printed word on paper and the actual process of long hand writing is so important to me, other than the obvious benefit of learning and knowing how to read and write. I can't say I have it all figured out, but I know it feels right and good to me. No computer can replace for me, the ritual of letter writing, nor can it ever be argued that anyone doesn't appreciate recieving a well composed letter from a thoughtful friend, who has taken the time, to think of you, as opposed to firing off a impersonal forwarded email , that warns, if you don't forward this immediately to eight friends, you'll die or grow warts with hair on your neck!

Journeling daily for many years has been a real life changing experience for me. Yes, I do blog but I know my writing is not the same, as when I have time to process my thoughts slower than I can write, as opposed to writing faster than I can think, which is the way it happens when typing. I know this is true for many writers and the reason they prefer to write long hand. Due to this being a slower process, there is thoughtful reflective attention to detail, is very enjoyable and satisfying. The art of good penmenship itself, done with a quality pen; I prefer a Parker, which can be hard to find, can be very pleasurable. I have been often complimented on my letter writing. It is simply a kind, considerate and generous thing to do for another.

Reading the newspaper in the morning, with a good cup of coffee is a good tradition and so much more comfortable than parked infront of a glaring computer screen first thing, in an ergonomic chair. I could never imagine reading a book online, nor see how that could ever
compare to being snuggled in your bed with a well bound bestseller. I love the way books smell and look. Old books have soul, a life unto themselves and are a joy to share with a friend.
Newspapers are wonderful to hold, fold, and take to the loo too!

Lastly, I well tell you, I thought this was exciting to hear, that there are a few new online sites that seem to confirm, what was old is new again, after launching, The Printed Blog and a new site about to come online called,

Those involved with these sites have discovered that people are very keen on reading printed blogs, like the newspaper and the process of actually being able to print your own newspapers and magazines for free, will soon be the perhaps the future of things to come.

I am of the belief that the newspaper, nor the book will not disappear but will be revitalized, reconstructed and valued in a new way, that will allow for the average person to be empowered I believe, through the written word, that they can read and write.

So give yourself and a friend the gift of the written word, write a letter, enjoy a good cup of coffee this Saturday morning, along with a good newspaper, and curl up with a good book later on with a cup of cocao on a cold Canadian Winter night! You might find out what you've been missing!

Kind Regards - Catherine

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