Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Most Recent ArtWork

This is my most recent work I did yesterday. The day President Barack Obama was inaugurated.
I was reflective doing this about how our world needs prayer, more now then ever.
The drum is the Earth where the heartbeat of the Mother is.
The Raven carries her prayers to the Grandmother Moon. The feathers are the prayers.
Mother's Prayers Are Carried To The Grandmother - Coloured Pencil


Michael R. Gaudet said...

Oh yeah, so all my questions are answered by visiting here! Gotta love the immediacy of web-posting eh, Cat? And the immediacy of the creative process as well!
I think it's pretty awesome that you created this piece on such an auspicious date.

Unknown said...

Oooo!!!! So exciting my first comment!!! Thankyou Michael. Yes this computerizin' stuff sure is somethin'! I didn't plan doing that piece on this historic day but it was syncronicity I'd say. I suspect alot of artists had work they felt moved to make or it just came out intuitively. I am so grateful to be able to experience creativity. Truly is a spiritual experience. Thanks alot Michael for posting your comment!!! - Cat