Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sean Pinchin - Goin' Hobo

It might seem contradictory to say you love Blues music because it makes you happy but that's the way it makes me feel, and I suspect a lot of folks would say the same. Some may say Blues is depressing and miserable but I see it as covering a spectrum of emotions.

Listening to Holger Peterson's Saturday Night Blues last night, like I've done for more years than I can count, I heard this amazing blues guitarist Sean Pinchin. If you want to hear the f the tune I heard Goin' Hobo played Live at the release party of his new album he does a wicked solo riff at the end of the song that isn't included on the Blues Tribe interview below.

Sean Pinchin has an interesting background, left his job as a Baker and took up his Blues music full time. I'm sure glad he did.

What I found really took note of, was how he's used his own creativity to help him confront his own demons and to work through his own mental health issues.

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