Friday, August 25, 2017

" I'm an Eatie, Not a Foodie" - Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is one of, if not my very favourite comedians. He's the most extraordinary ordinary guy, happily married with a gaggle of kids and his wife and co-writer, to whom he's totally devoted to.

I've been following his career for a number of years now, and he just gets better with age.

In this video, as you can see, was one of his early performances. The sound quality isn't the best, but understandable.

 Jim Gaffigan performs the kind of laugh of loud comedy people can relate to, because I think it taps into three essential elements of what it means to be being human, having humour, humility and an true love of humanity. I think he reflects and embodies these characteristics because this is who he is.

I love his mostly mundane topics that explore human foibles, what it means to be a husband, a dad, fat, food (Pop Tarts) and simply the human condition.

Reddit Ask Me Anything gives a bit more insight into Jim Gaffigan.

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