Friday, February 3, 2017

Harland Williams - Speaking the Language of Bent Reality

I don't remember the first time I saw Harland Williams. I think I'd seen his stand-up a few times before seeing him like every one else, in Dumb and Dumber, where he played the cop who pulled them over and proceeded to unknowingly drink pee in a beer bottle, that Lloyd used to relieve himself while traveling in the van.

His comic ability was absolutely evident there and then. I went on to follow his comic career, not in his movies but his stand-up comedy when ever I could, from that point on. Many might think he's just a comic but he's a really engaging visual artist, musician, and children's book writer, with a number of other talents.

Harland Williams is a naturally brilliant comic, with such a sense of play and the ability to just be his very likable self.

Here's a great little clip of Harland doing what he does best, just being himself. He's a naturally creative improviser or what I'll call a great creative loafer, who has a great therapist.

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