Monday, February 27, 2017

"Life is the Root, and Art is the Flower." - Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan with her children Deirdre and Patrick, 1913

I love this quote by Isadora Duncan.

         "Life is the Root, and Art is the Flower."

In 1969 I was 16 when I first saw the film that came out the same year about Isadora Duncan, starring Vanessa Redgrave. I remember being totally captivated by this story and I wanted to dance like Isadora.
My enchantment with her continued throughout my life and my love of dance remained form an early age.

Recently I began reading about Isadora Duncan in her autobiography. I was fascinated to learn how she saw dance as her religion and that some consider her to be a kind of mystic. Her autobiography, is very candid, truthful, and moving. The book was published, just shortly before she died very tragically in a car accident.

" Is it that in all the Universe there is but one Great Cry containing Sorrow, Joy, ecstasy, Agony, the Mother Cry of Creation."
                 - Isadora Duncan, My Life

Isadora came from a poor household, her mother was a musician, and a single mum with four children. Life seemed to be destined to be filled with much hardship for the family, and especially for Isadora who survived so much loss. I believe it was her love of dance that gave her strength.

If I could go back in time I would dearly love to know Isadora Duncan. I'm happy to learn she was a Gemini, as I've the same Sun sign.
She very much lived in the realm of the heart, identifying with Aphrodite and loving the sea.

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