Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Inspiration of Minerva Boran - She Ain't No Mugwump!

This afternoon I went for the 1.5 hour, what I'm calling the Canada Post imposed walk, because they moved our mailbox replacing the gross green box, with the super box about three miles away. I must say visually it is much easier on the eyes in spite of how green behind the gills I might be feeling, rather like a mugwump.

With a sore knee that is from an old injury and carrying around a resentment of having this imposed walk, I admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I wasn't even going to bother writing any blog posts today, which is unusual for me, because I write everyday and always find it very satisfying and rewarding. Today this unexpected post is therapeutic, which is a good thing indeed.

It was a very pleasant, mild, and foggy day, after yesterday's freezing rain storm, that resulted in school closures here, flooded basements and the like, along with provincial wide power outages in other spots beside Nova Scotia. Fortunately, we still had our power, which is amazing because we can't fart without loosing power.

Any way, as I was walking I thought to myself while passing by the small graveyard that is in our little village, how many people die, have died and are going to die.  I think about death a lot, maybe too much, and not enough about living. But as you get older this tends to happen and especially if you are someone who has experienced a lot of death of loved ones in your life, which I have had.

Now I'm thinking I should really focus on life, my life and how I can make it better, in whatever way I can, however I can, because life is really so very short and we never know how it can instantly change, or when it's our turn, to leave this mortal coil.

Later on I learned of a young woman who was part of our small community, and only 52 who died yesterday. It's a big loss to many especially for her family and friends. This event reinforced my thoughts about the fragility of life.

After I returned from my walk, not that I can say I really enjoyed it, but I'm extremely grateful for having been able to simply get outside in nature, in the countryside and walk regardless of my mental funk. Walking is so good for your mental health, and I certainly feel better for doing so. Walking gives me a chance to take an reflective inventory, and exercise I know  aligns my mind, heart and soul. It's a spiritual thing that happens without me even being fully aware of it.

Later I sat down at my computer and found this video of Minerva Boran. She's 101 and lives in a seniors residence in the town where I grew up. She is very much alive and doing something that she loves and I'm sure she knows and understands how important it is to her, dancing. But more than that, I think it's why she inspires every one else. She knows it's vital to be a participator in life, and is an example to us how not to simply be a bystander of life, on the side lines, watching as the world go by. Don't be a mugwump, get up and dance!

And so, I'm not going to be a mugwump! I'm looking forward to my next Canada Post walk and I'll have a few dances too! Thank you Minerva!

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