Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Bread - The Chili - The Winter Storm

The Bread

The Chili

The Winter Storm

These three things are a good creative ways to find Hygge . A blazing wood fire, good music and cat snuggles all help to keep you warm and happy in the midst of a Winter storm and this first day of Old Christmas.

On the European Orthodox Christmas Holy Day my thoughts are of those that are in great need of love and warmth.


thesycamoretree said...

No chili yet (and I don't have a fireplace), but I do have a portable, furry lap warmer! :)
I add my thoughts to yours for those in need of love and warmth.

Unknown said...

Ahhaaa!I have a few of those too, portable furry lap warmers, lol!

We got a lot of snow. 3 plus feet I'd say. My neighbour came and plowed me out which makes me feel not so isolated, being without a vehicle. I have to get outside and dig myself out because the veranda is loaded in snow. This snow dump should due us for the Winter. Oh wish I did have a fire place. Once I hit the "golden age" of 65 my income will triple and maybe I'll be able to afford a small one:) I have a very big ole antique kitchen wood stove. It's the Master Blaster! Nothing like wood heat!

Keep your Hygge lap warmers close!;)