Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gravity Glue - Michael Grab

Artist Michael Grab

I think there are many people in the world including myself that love rocks, young and old alike. Rocks are collected, honoured, used for healing purposes, and decorations for gardens etc.

 Many Indigenous people refer to rocks as the Grandfathers that are the oldest things on earth, and are deserving of respect and honour.

I've been a big fan of Artist Andy Goldsworthy but I've never saw anything quite like Canadian Artist Michael Grab.When I first saw this video Gravity Glue it gave me a very spiritual feeling. I think you will clearly see what I mean when you watch him creating these, truly awe inspiring and compelling sculptures.

 Michael Grab says about his work of balancing rocks.

 " Put simply, I feel something divine when I practice. "


thesycamoretree said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVED this video. I am a huge fan of Goldsworthy; his natural works of art are unsurpassed. Looks like I have a new artist to follow now.:) The voice over was wonderful. I like the implication that what we create is a part of us, but I also appreciate the nod to impermanence. Wonderful... I can't thank you enough for sharing this one, Cat!

thesycamoretree said...

Forgot to add that I am indeed a rock lover!

Unknown said...

Bev it's so great to know you share my enthusiasm! Yes Goldsworthy has long been a favourite, amazing artist. Would love to see some of these in person!

Rock On Girl!;)

Rose said...

This was wonderful! I'm another Goldsworthy fan and I remember introducing his movie, Rivers and Tides, to my then 7 year old son. After the movie he immediately went into the garden and started creating his own sculpture with fallen leaves and twigs. Several years later while we were studying science and the book commented that rocks weren't one of the classes of living things he looked at me and said, 'well that's not true.' :)

Looking at the images in that video I had the visceral sense of rocks as part of our ancestral heritage.

Thanks so much for introducing me to this artist.

Unknown said...

Rose thank you so much for stopping by, and for your great comment! That's a beautiful story about your son. Thank you for sharing. He is a wise one!

I love your beautiful Tarot blog and I tried subscribing but couldn't find a subscribe button. Thank you again for stopping by!

Rose said...

Thank you, Catherine, for your kind words. It never occurred to me to use a subscribe button. I shall see what I might do to address that.

I sent your video link to several friends all of whom had similar reactions to each of us here in comment country ;)

Unknown said...

You're most welcome Rose. I subscribed through email and put my address in the "Shall We Dance" thingy! I must of missed that or did you just add it?
Oh great so good to share that video!