Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Being Mortal - Dr. Atul Gawande - Tom Jennings

I am not obsessed with dying as some folks perhaps might think, but because I have experienced a lot of death in my own personal life, and because I am aging myself, like we all are, I do think about my own mortality, my own death, and trying to work through end of life preparation.

The conversation is a very important one to talk about for individuals, families, for physicians and patients. It's time for the death conversation to come out of the closet.

 Today I heard a program on the radio about death and dying. A link was given to a documentary that I watched, called "Being Mortal", based on Dr. Atul Gawnde's  best selling book with the same name. This documentary collaboration between FRONTLINE filmmaker Tom Jennings, author and surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande is such an important work, that there was no question I had to share it. I hope you will take the time to watch.

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